• Ability to recover files from formatted or formatted drives
  • Reliable tool to unformat hard drive partitions even after operating system re-installation
  • Unformat formatted hard drive, external drive, USB drive, memory cards, etc.
  • Retrieves lost data from formatted partitions like RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 etc.
  • Best tool to perform formatted USB drive data recovery

Unformat your storage device to get back data after format

Have you come across any situation where you had to format your memory card or hard disk to regain crucial data because you had no other option? The reason that made you to format could be anything like corruption of your hard disk, a malfunctioning memory card or damaged iPod files etc. These are some of the common causes that leads to device formatting. But you need not think that you lost all your data permanently due to formatting action. You can unformat your storage device to get back the files that you lost by using an easy to use software i.e. unformat.

Why to use the software to Unformat only?

What one prefers is an application that can never modify the original file structure or data of any file. So this utility is recommended by industry experts since it has got some advanced features that do not modify the original file in any situation. This tool is free from any malware or adware and thus we can unformat card or hard disk and recover data safely from any memory card or hard drive or any storage device by using this software. This tool requires only nominal disk space for its installation which is an advantage for it’s users as they can save more disk space. It’s user friendly interface makes recovery process simple for it’s users. This tool can unformat hard disk and restore files of type BMP, PNG, JPEG, MP3, MIDI, MOV etc from it. The testimonials related to this application is shown below which can help you understand more about this tool.


How hard drive or memory card usually gets format?

Mentioned below are the causes that result in formatting of hard disk or memory card or usb drive etc.

  • Accidental formatting - You wanted to format a drive say F drive and later by mistake you formatted some other drive say D drive. Then this is nothing but accidental formatting which results in loss of your hard drive data
  • File system conversion error - Errors that we usually encounter while converting one file system to the other leads to data loss
  • System formatting - For the purpose of restoration from restore CD of system we usually perform formatting operation on system which leads to loss of all our data

Major features of this application are:

  • This tool can unformat SD cards on Mac operating system and also it is capable of recovering data from non booting drives.
  • Restores raw digital photos from popular brands like Nikon, Canon, Sigma, Pentax, Samsung, Kodak etc.
  • It can unformat SD cards or hard disks and retrieve over 300 file types that include 3g2, 3gp, rm, mpg, aiff, mpeg etc. within few minutes.
  • This tool can unformat iPod and restore files from iPod Nano, iPod shuffle, iPod mini etc.

Recent Updates:

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Recover Photos after Format: Now it is easy to recover photos after format from hard drive, USB drive, flash memory card etc by making using of this reliable software. Go through the given link http://www.un-format.net/photo-recovery.html for more information about photo recovery.

Recover Data from Formatted SSD Drive: For more information regarding how to retrieve data such as photo, audio, video, documents, etc from SSD drive formatted due to numerous reasons namely few are unintentional formatting simply use this powerful software. This software will facilitate you to get back formatted SSD drive data from Windows and Mac machine efficiently.

Restore Data From Formatted USB flash Drive Now it is easy to recover your lost files from formatted flash drive. This award winning tool has potential to reconstruct your lost files from USB flash drive formatted due to virus attack, sudden shut down of system, etc. It also support all version of Windows and Mac machines.

Unformat Files: Its too easy to unformat the files from various types of storage devices including hard drives using a single tool. This tool can be executable on all Windows and Mac systems. On a single platform you can use this tool to get back many kinds of files.

Mac Hard Drive Recovery: Are you looking for a good tool for Mac hard drive recovery? Then go ahead and make use of this tool. With this tool you can recover recover data from Mac hard drive with utmost ease. Check out the link given to acquire more information: http://www.un-format.net/mac-hard-drive-recovery-software.html

Steps to recover files from a formatted drive or memory card:

You can unformat ntfs partitions to recover files from it using this software. Go through the steps given below to know how you can unformat formatted partitions

Step 1: Download and install the utility to unformat drives. Once the utility is installed you have to select the option of "Recover Partitions / Drives" from the main screen. As you want to recover data from a formatted partition you need to choose "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" from the second screen.

Unformat - Recover Partitions / Drives

Figure 1: Recover Partitions / Drives

Step 2: Among your different drives in system you need to select that particular drive from where you want to recover data to begin the scanning process. Once the software finishes it’s work of scanning you will be able to see the recovered data in either "File Type View" or "Data View".

Unformat - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: You can ensure that all your data is recovered by previewing the recovered files with the help of "Preview" option. If you did not get the required file through the previous scan then you can try "Smart Scan" to find the desired file.

Unformat - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Files

Step 4:If you find the tool as the best tool to unformat your drive or memory card then you can purchase the tool. Later after the software activation you can save the recovered data.

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