Defragmentation of Windows 8 Registry

As we all know registry is a database which is located in the system 32 folder. It is the one which stores all the system configurations and settings. Therefore it is a very important part of your Windows 8 computer. But sometimes due to this registry you may have to face some problem regarding your Windows 8 speed. When we make some modifications in the settings or when we keep changing the configuration in our system what happens is the registry keys get broken. This means that registry gets bloated and fragmented over time. Due to such fragmentation of the registry system speed gets affected adversely. Therefore it is a must to defrag such registry otherwise Windows 8 system may slow down to a crawl. Many of us try to defrag such fragmented registry using one or the other methods. Mostly we try defragging our Windows 8 registry by making use of the inbuilt defragmenter tool. But sometimes what happens is this defragmenter tool fails in performing registry defragmentation due to which we feel unhappy and begin to think that it is completely not possible to defrag Windows 8 registry. But it is not true at all. It is definitely possible to defrag Windows 8 registry. By using Remo MORE application one can easily defrag Windows 8 registry within just few minutes.

If your Win 8 registry is fragmented to a great extent then you must use this application. It will quickly defrag your fragmented registry. Fragmentation of Windows 8 registry takes place under different scenarios. One such scenario where this registry gets fragmented is when we uninstall software on our Windows 8 computer. Due to uninstallation of software some invalid entries are resulted. When we make use of some registry cleaners in order to remove these invalid entries the empty spaces get created. Due to the creation of these empty spaces registry gets fragmented. This in turn leads to the slowdown of Windows 8 computer. If Remo MORE software is used in this condition then one can safely carry out registry defragmentation process.

You must try Remo MORE application if your Windows 8 system has slowed down due to tweaking of the system settings. This software will definitely help you out in defragging your Windows 8 registry with just few clicks. You can not only run this software on Win 8 but you can also run this software on Windows 7, XP, Vista and server computers. It comes absolutely free of cost which means you need not have to pay anything in order to download this tool. It is highly recommended and preferred by many industry experts due to its distinguished features.

Steps to Defrag Windows 8 Registry:

Step 1: Download and run Remo MORE software on your Win 8 computer. Once the main screen appears choose "Manage" option. Then choose "Drive Defrag" option from the next screen.

How to Defrag Windows 8 Registry - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: From the next screen select your Win 8 registry and then let the software analyze your registry.

How to Defrag Windows 8 Registry - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: Once the analysis gets completed a screen will appear asking you to choose a defragmentation method. Once you choose a method the defragmentation process will begin.

How to Defrag Windows 8 Registry - Choose Defragmentation Method

Figure 3: Choose Defragmentation Method

Step 4: After its completion the tool will analyze your registry again. Once the analysis gets finished off this time you will be alerted.

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