Unformat NTFS Partition

Want to get back data from formatted NTFS partition of your hard disk?

Formatted NTFS partition inadvertently? If you are thinking that you lost all your files and folders permanently on NTFS then you are absolutely wrong. Don’t lose hope so soon as you can unformat your NTFS partition within few minutes and also very easily. You may get a question in your mind like how is it possible to unformat the formatted drive. The answer is very simple. By making use of a reliable unformat application you can unformat and restore any type of data from NTFS as well as from other partitions. You might lose files or folders on your NTFS partition due to third party applications, Operating system re-installation, Quick formatting etc. But even then it is very simple to perform recovery operation on your NTFS partition. You can use unformat NTFS partition utility to unformat NTFS drive and restore all your NTFS partition data which are lost due to the reasons mentioned above.

How and under what conditions data stored on NTFS partitions are lost?

NTFS partition can be formatted in different ways. Let’s see under what conditions data present on NTFS partition will be lost

  • Third party applications- These applications modify the existing files on NTFS partition and they damage the file structure which leads to loss of data on NTFS
  • Operating system re-installation- While re-installing any operating system if the main partition is formatted say accidentally then the data present on that partition is lost
  • Quick formatting- If you unintentionally perform either full format or quick format on your partition or drive then you will lose all your drive data
  • Malware attack- Any virus such as malware, adware or spyware can alter the data on NTFS partition either by changing the file structure or by completely deleting the file and thus the data on NTFS partition is lost

Malware attack is the common reason which frequently leads to data loss in NTFS. A malware can not only damage the data on NTFS partition but it also damages files or folders on other hard drive partitions. If you are wondering how to unformat hard drive partition then you can start using a software to unformat NTFS and get back important files or data on your NTFS as well as on other hard disk partitions. Usually data will be stored on hard drives of various types like IDE, SCSI etc. If data on these drives is lost due to hard drive formatting then you can make use of this tool to unformat those hard drives. So you can also recover USB hard disk files using this utility if you have lost data on USB drive. Using this program you can unformat NTFS partition to retrieve data from different versions of NTFS partition such as NTFS v1.0, NTFS v1.1, NTFS v1.2, NTFS v3.0, NTFS v3.1, NTFS v5.0, NTFS v5.1 etc. You can even recover media files such as images, music files etc. along with other partition files using this utility. Therefore you can even unformat SD card on any operating system such as Windows, Mac etc. with the help of this tool. Apart from these features this tool is capable of unformatting these storage devices in few simple steps.

Note: This software has been specially designed and developed by expert group of professionals to readily retrieve data such as photo, audio, video, etc from external hard drive formatted due to accidental formatting, virus attacks, etc with great ease.

Unformat formatted NTFS partitions:

Unformat formatted NTFS hard dirve partition by following the below mentioned steps

Step 1: Download and run the unformat NTFS partition tool. Choose “Recover Partitions / Drives” option from the very first screen that you will get soon after the software installation. Next you will be opted to select either “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” and you must pick “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option among those two.

Unformat NTFS Partition - Recover Partitions / Drives

Figure 1: Recover Partitions / Drives

Step 2: Now select the specific drive on your hard disk to start the process of scanning. After the completion of scanning process you will see a list of recovered files.

Unformat NTFS Partition - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: You can “preview” those files before saving them in your device. If at all you could not find the file you wanted to recover from the earlier scan then you can go for “Smart Scan” to recover the remaining files.

Unformat NTFS Partition - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Files

Step 4:If you are satisfied with the performance of this utility then you can buy it and later you can save the previous information by clicking on “Save Recovery Session” button soon after the application is activated.

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